Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Auld Lang Sucks

Christmas is over! YAY! I’m glad it’s finally over, but I’ve got one more obstacle to get through before I can breathe a sigh of relief. Second only to Valentine’s Day, New Years is my most hated holiday. I think a lot of my distain for this holiday stems from my single status. Having no one to kiss at midnight and feeling like a total loser in the first minute of the New Year is not the way I want to start out.  I’ve spent a lot of New Year’s Eve’s single but, I was younger and with my girl friends and it was ok to be single at 22 but when you are 30 and single and at the bar you turn into “that girl”. Oh you know what I’m talking about. There is always that one girl or guy at the bar, that is just out of place or pathetic. The guy that you are pretty sure his mom picked out his clothes and it was easy for her because he still lives in her basement playing video games and working on his Star Trek fan fiction in his off time from his part time job delivering newspapers. Or the 45 year old lady dressed in a mini skirt and a top small enough for 5 year old and if she bends wrong you are going to see parts of her that only her OB/GYN should see.  Yes these are extreme examples but you know what I mean. Only big difference is these people don’t know they are pathetic and for me going to bar/party and being single on New Years makes me FEEL pathetic even if I’m really not. There’s a stigma to being single at the holidays, your family always gives you that sympathetic head tilt and the awww, you’ll find someone or my new favorite have you tried online dating. (UGH and no, that’s another post). I have lucked out and my family no longer asks about my love life or bothers me about my single status. Thank God all my stepsisters are married with kids or getting ready to have kids. Takes the pressure off me! So my last obstacle to the New Year is to get through this last soul-crushing holiday. I think I will do it with wine and some yummy food since come January I’m pretty sure my cat’s food will be better tasting then mine!

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