Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Douche Canoe University

I have survived the first week of school and then some.  Well Monday (yesterday) was MLK Day so no class, and then tonight. I drive my happy ass to school (ok it’s not that far) get a bad ass parking spot only to find out my class has been cancel. Eh, this is the class I actually like (College Writing I) and I was a little bummed that it was canceled. My other class Algebra III is the biggest fucking joke ever. They don’t even teach. They put you in front of a computer and say there ya go, oh and on top of paying for the class you need to pay 75 bucks to access the website. Ok so you aren’t going to teach me anything, there is one test and I have to get a 76% on it or I can’t move on. Does anyone else see the issue here, cause I certainly do. I’m going into major amounts of debt for you to sit me in front of a computer and TEACH MY FUCKING SELF?! What a crock of shit. Thanks for the fine education you are giving me Kent State, what a bunch of fucking douche canoes. This is my new favorite word, thank you Jen at People Iwant to Punch in the Throat. This chic is by far one of the funniest people ever. After reading her blog I decide, ok I think I want to try this… granted ONE of my friends has the link to this blog. And apparently some Russians like me cause I keep getting page views from Russia so Здравствуйте! To all (3?) of my Russian readers.  :D Anyway, first week of school down. Goal is try and blog once a week, to you know bitch about school and life and shit. So till next week kids!


  1. I get Russian views too! Thanks for the shout out! Love Douche canoe!

    1. Thanks Jen!!! Thanks for checking me out!